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ECMR specialises in socially responsible recycling and re-uses raw materials originating from the cleaning industry in order to support companies active in this sector. With a contract as the basis, the participants deliver their machines to ECMR. ECMR then insures durability by responsibly disassembling their machines. This secures that the machines will be completely recycled.

Worry-free aid

ECMR helps companies who see the importance of durability. By closely working together, companies won’t have to start up expensive and complicated recycling processes. ECMR offers a complete package for machines: Logistics → Recycling → Certification.

Certified responsibility 

Companies working together with ECMR receive a certificate after signing a letter of intent. This certificate will show and prove that their waste products have been recycled under strict conditions and according to environmental friendly regulations. 

Being able to prove responsible recycling is an important term required in European tenders. Taking part in ECMR will provide companies a cutting edge.

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