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KENTER GmbH and ECMR join forces
On the 16th of September. ECMR has confirmed its cooperation with the signing of the sustainability agreement with Kenter GmbH.

Kenter GmbH and ECMR will be working closely together to further develop the sustainability solutions for the sector of the cleaning industry in Germany and their Prime Partner affiliates in the German-speaking countries.

Kenter GmbH has chosen ECMR, to build further on their sustainability procedures to a transparent solution that can be offered for their customers to both machines and equipment, by dismantle and recycle in a responsible way when it reach the end of their lifecycle.

Kenter GmbH is one of the leading companies in the German-speaking countries, which have taken the responsibility to prevent further waste and unnecessary Co2 emissions based on their environmental policy.

The cooperation between ECMR and Kenter GmbH as well their connected Prime Partner affiliates will be providing a further contribution to maintain a further development to achieve the desired and necessary future to a circular economy, where the recycling and reuse of raw materials will be complied accordingly to the local laws and regulations and will be reinforced with official recognition and certification of processed waste streams to their customers.


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Bewegen wir uns wirklich hin zu einer Kreislaufwirtschaft?
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Time for a change in thinking 
In a circular economy, residual products form the raw materials for new production processes, just as in nature.
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EUnited Cleaning General Assembly 
ECMR will attend the EUnited Cleaning General Assembly meeting during the Pulire show in Verona on the 20th of May, to present there recycling business model of the industry.
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Nilfisk Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2013 2014 
Our company has existed for more then a century, and there is no doubt in our minds that respect and proactive behaviour when it comes to sustainability are essential to a company's long term prospects.
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ECMR wins international prize 
European Cleaning Machine Recycling wins the "Amsterdam Innovation Award 2014” in the category Cleaning management and training solutions.
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ECMR is nominated for the Amsterdam Innovation Award 2014 
European Cleaning Machine Recycling is nominated for the -Amsterdam Innovation Award 2014- in the category: Management, Training Solutions and Related Products.
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Regulation on Waste Electric and Electronic Equipment 
New legislation will be implemented in the Netherlands on February 14, 2014 regarding electronics, the so called RAEEA (Regulation on Waste Electric and Electronic Equipment).
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Grand opening ECMR 
Grand opening European Cleaning Machines Recycling
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There are new photo's about the construction of the new building.
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