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Social Responsibility and Involvement

"ECMR supports people in developing countries"

In addition to the realization of our objectives, we believe it is important to be socially involved as a company and to work for a better world, not only in Europe but also beyond. We therefore choose to  support the work of the “René Kids Centre” in Rehoboth, Namibia.

The René Kids Centre is committed to those who live in poverty in Rehoboth and the surrounding region. Thanks to different project programs we support each initiative to provide the children and inhabitants of Rehoboth the possibility to increase their standard of living. By doing so, they get the chance to build a future for themselves and their families.

As Ambassador, we support this from our conviction and believe to create a  justified society that comes both from a social and environmental point of view. As a company, we think it is important not only to provide good services, but also to contribute to a world wherein we can serve and fight against poverty.
With many others who supports this social initiative, the René Kids Centre is currently also working together with the local community in realizing the best possible solutions in the handling of used materials for recycling purposes of all different kind of synthetic substances.



The ultimate goal is to provide environmental, educational and health protection for the children and inhabitants of Rehoboth. With a variety of different projects running and managed by a group of fantastic volunteers, we aim to increase the impact positively, to realize for all the people in Rehoboth and the region the same opportunities as we do.

The René Kids Centre helps us too with the Ambassadorship and our community involvement to the outside world. "With all The René Kids Centre does, it will bring prosperity and a smile on the faces of the children and their families, by providing the support to build an independent existence that offers new horizons and… it also helps to the sustainable economic development of the country."