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About us

The slogan in environmental circles is: ‘reduce, re-use, recycle’, or rather the three R‘s. Companies can no longer ignore it: Durability is the keyword.  ECMR would like to add a fourth R, the R for Respect.




Businesses have a duty to optimise their production methods, materials usage and materials consumption and the associated waste flows in order to contribute to creating a circular economy. The goal of ECMR is to reduce the waste product to zero; as it is written in the global environmental objective ‘zero landfill’. The objectives set by ECMR are also based on the entire deconstruction process, which is implemented based on a ‘zero emissions’ policy. They want to achieve this by using solar energy panels.




Companies are required to exploit recycling as much as possible. ECMR represents an environmental friendly re-use of various raw materials.  ECMR strongly supports the cradle to cradle philosophy.  According to this philosophy most raw materials taken from the used machines will be reused in new cleaning machines. As a result, companies that work together with ECMR are able to implement the ‘cradle to cradle philosophy’ in their business operations faster and with greater ease.

The motto being: Try to be good instead of being not so bad.




Factories need to take responsibility and recycle their machines which have been written off. This is, however, a costly process and requires the necessary expertise. There is a large range of brands and models all requiring a different approach. ECMR embodies the correct manner of recycling: ‘the green solution’.




Companies have a duty to show respect and responsibility and thereby contribute to improving the human habitat. The added value of ECMR is the fourth R: Respect. The recycling process of ECMR is completely environmental friendly while still achieving a maximum result: respect for the environment. In the disassembly process ECMR employs long term unemployed young people with a disability. By being socially involved ECMR is also committed to the disadvantaged in the employment market: respect for humanity.




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