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European Cleaning Machines Recycling (ECMR) is a well known name in the machine cleaning industry. ECMR greatly values innovation and durability. The launching of ECMR in 2012 is a wake-up call for the cleaning industry: ‘ Manufacturers,  Distributors and End-users are as well responsible for their waste problems. Together we are a substantial part of the solution!’




Green Clean Solution


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is an essential element of sustainable entrepreneurship and makes a worthwhile contribution to the transition to a business climate based on the principles of a circular economy. Recent market research shows that there is an urgent need for a company whose core business is recycling cleaning machines. More importantly there is a demand for a ‘green clean solution’ for the growing number of machines that have been written off. ECMR is the answer to this question from the cleaning branch.


ISO 26000 & ISO 14001


ECMR works according to the ISO 26000 & ISO 14001 standard, the international guidelines for Corporate social responsibility. Thanks to ECMR, manufacturers, importers, dealers and customers work together for a better and environmental friendly world. By taking part in the responsible recycling concept of ECMR, companies distinguish themselves as ‘green thinkers’. Corporate social responsibility is not just a slogan but a conscious choice which companies make by working together with ECMR. Companies can positively differentiate themselves from the start by showing that their waste products are processed according to the ISO 26000 & ISO14001 standard.


Cleaning up the market


The market for cleaning machines momentarily suffers due to a ‘messed up’ market. A growing number of used machines are offered for sale on eBay and other similar Internet networks. This reduces the production of new machines. By working together with ECMR, companies actively help to clean up the market. This way the demand can be filled by producing new machines.


ISSA member ISSA Certificate









KENTER GmbH and ECMR join forces
On the 16th of September. ECMR has confirmed its cooperation with the signing of the sustainability agreement with Kenter GmbH.Kenter GmbH and ECMR will be working closely together to further develop the sustainability solutions for the sector of the cleaning industry in Germany and their Prime Partner affiliates in the German-speaking countries.
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Time for a change in thinking
In a circular economy, residual products form the raw materials for new production processes, just as in nature.
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Policy statement

Brochure 2017

TÜV ISO14001:2015 Certificate

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